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A Solid Source buyer's agent will represent your best interests!

This is customarily free to the buyer as the seller pays commission to both agents. Using a buyer's agent allows you to feel comfortable knowing you are making an informed, educated decision.

Many buyers feel they can negotiate a better price by entering into a transaction without agent representation. Unfortunately, some learn the hard way that the skill and knowledge of a buyer's agent would have been substantially beneficial. Having access to detailed market information typically available only to licensed real estate professionals saves valuable time and money.

While some listing agents will compromise a small percentage of their commission if a buyer is without representation, many will not. Even if the listing agent does agree to reduce his/her commission 1% - 1 1/2% for a buyer without an agent, chances are your own buyer's agent is savvy enough to have negotiated a better deal.

Remember, it is a full time job for the real estate agent to know the market and negotiate the best deal based on the factors affecting the transaction. Regardless of how many homes you have listed or purchased without an agent, there are many areas of real estate in which a licensed real estate agent can assist.

  While buying a home for the first
time can be a lot of fun, it can also
be nerve racking
  Are you tired of finding that perfect
home just to find out that it is
already under contract?
  Whether you have questions about
buying or selling a home

Interest rates are always moving up
and down.  Our question is

  Questions to ask yourself...  
  • What are your rights if the seller defaults on a signed contract?
  • What can and cannot legally be asked for during the inspection period?
  • Should you order a survey of your property?
  • What should concern you during the final walk-through?
  • An agent will manage your offers and counter-offers.

An agent is familiar with the market and can direct you to information on schools, property values, utilities and other information relative to your desired community.

An agent can recognize potential problem areas in a home.

An agent can offer recommendations for home inspection, home warranty and contracting services.

Purchase a home with the confidence that you are well informed and have negotiated the best deal possible. Make the decision to ask an agent with Solid Source to represent you today!

Solid Source Realty Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act.
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